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Get a Yard Sign

Tell Kitchen you Care by putting up a yard sign! Email, Tweet, and Facebook share a picture of you and your sign to Council Member Kitchen. We want to show the Council Member that constituents all around District 5 are united for change!

Reach out to Ann Kitchen

Make your voice heard! During the current city budget process, we need sustained communication with Ann Kitchen to let her know we care about funding real solutions to address long-standing inequities faced by communities of color.

A personal email gets attention from elected officials. Include your name, district, that you are a member of District 5 for Black Lives, and that you want $105 million dollars reallocated from APD to real people-centered solutions. Include a personal story or take your favorite parts of our auto-email. (2 min)

Call: 512-978-2105
Set a reminder in to call once a week until August 14, 2020.

Hi, my name is ____. I live in your district and I’m a member of District 5 for Black Lives. I want you to reallocate $105 million dollars from APD to real solutions, such as affordable housing, health resources, and direct financial assistance, that keep all communities safe and thriving.”

Social Media

Talk to your neighbors

A yard sign is a great conversation starter! Let your neighbors know that you are working at the local level to address systemic inequities. Help them get involved and empower them with a sign, petition, and information to make change!