Fund real solutions

The APD budget has ballooned by 32% over inflation since 2013, which is an increase of $105,000,000. This increased spending has not made Austin safer. Meanwhile, Austin has failed to fund real solutions that keep all communities safe and thriving.  

$105,000,000 must be reallocated to preventative public safety, including affordable housing, public and mental health resources, and direct cash payments and food assistance for Austinites in crisis due to the pandemic.  These are real solutions that begin to remedy long-standing inequities faced by communities of color in Austin. 

What can Kitchen do?

  • Reject Spencer Cronk’s 2020-2021 budget proposal, and demand at least $105,000,000 in police funding be reallocated to real solutions and preventative public safety.
  • Reallocate funds pursuant to the demands of  “Communities of Color United”, the “Austin Justice Coalition”, and “Grassroots Leadership”, including to Austin Public Health, an Office of Violence Prevention, services for people experiencing homelessness and permanent supportive housing, gun violence prevention, substance use continuum of care, mental health care, family violence shelters, direct cash, and food assistance.