Demand Justice

Michael Ramos

Justin Howell

Brad Levi Ayala

Saraneka Martin

Police violence and discrimination is endemic in the Austin Police Department, evidenced most recently by the murder of Michael Ramos and the injuring of Saraneka Martin, Brad Levi Ayala, and Justin Howell at the hands of the APD. These are not isolated incidents.  A January 2020 report demonstrated that APD racial profiling is worse now than three years ago.  

The impact of Austin’s policing is harm, violence, and trauma inflicted against Black and Brown residents. We need transformative change now. 

What can Kitchen do?

  • Demand investigations of the officers responsible for these violent acts and racial discrimination at APD.
  • Request support from the Travis County District Attorney and the US Department of Justice to investigate systemic violations of civil rights by APD.