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In August 2020, Council Member Kitchen assured members of D5 for Black Lives that she was committed to holding City Manager Cronk and Chief Manley accountable for police racism and violence.

Since then:

  • Uniformed members of APD have been photographed with Proud Boys
  • An APD Commander has made false and incendiary claims about crime in Austin
  • APD has purchased more of the “less lethal” rounds that injured peaceful protesters

In light of these distressing events, members of our organizing team have drafted a letter to CM Kitchen. We are asking CM Kitchen to provide specific details about her efforts to hold APD leadership accountable. We need CM Kitchen to take a more proactive leadership stance on these issues.  

Members of our organizing team have signed their names to this letter. We invite you, as a member of the D5 for Black Lives community, to add your name as well. We will deliver the letter with all the signatures we collect on Wednesday, December 16th. Let Kitchen know you STILL care!

In Solidarity,

D5 for Black Lives Organizing Team