Dear D5 for Black Lives Community,

This Thursday, August 25th (in TWO days), the City Council will meet in a closed session to discuss Cronk’s job performance. We need CM Kitchen to keep the pressure on City Manager Cronk to remove Police Chief Manley from his job. Cronk is the only person with the authority to remove Brian Manley from his role as police chief (Manley cannot be fired, but Cronk can demote him). Chief Manley has repeatedly condoned racist violence and discrimination by the department’s officers. While the process of hiring a new police chief is not easy, this is work that must be done. 

Action Steps (5 minutes)- TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY  

  • Email
  • Email CM Kitchen (2 min.) Use your favorite parts of our email to write a personal message to keep the pressure on City Manager Spencer Cronk to remove Chief Manley
  • Call CM Kitchen at 512-978-2105 (2 min.) “Hi, my name is ____. I live in your district and I’m a member of District 5 for Black Lives. In Thursday’s executive session, I want you to hold City Manager Cronk accountable for his actions and recent job performance. City Manager Cronk must relieve Manley as chief of APD. If Cronk refuses, we need you to insist on Cronk’s termination.” 
  • Tweet CM Kitchen at @D5Kitchen (1 min.) Use parts of the email or call script. Use the hashtag #d5forBlackLives.

In the wake of another police shooting against an unarmed, innocent Black man, we are reminded again that there is nothing more important than standing in solidarity with Black and Brown Austinites and advancing antiracist policies in our community. 

Thank you for taking action this week and we know there is much work ahead. Take our survey as soon as possible to tell us how you can support the ongoing fight for racial justice with District 5 for Black Lives.

In Solidarity, 

the District 5 for Black Lives Organizing Team