Dear Neighbor,

The Black Lives Matter movement has received unprecedented attention and widespread support over the last few months, and we are proud of the work that all of you in D5 for Black Lives have contributed in solidarity with this movement.   A reaction was expected. Our community saw the beginning of that reaction this week with wide spread stealing of yard signs in neighborhoods throughout District 5 and an attempted implementation of a sign ban in District 5’s Bauerle Ranch neighborhood.  

Sign stealing is a relatively minor trespass on property, but an action, nevertheless, meant to silence the voices demanding equality for our Black and Brown neighbors. The attempted sign ban in Bauerle Ranch is more troubling because of the quasi-governmental authority of the Homeowner’s Association, and because of the (well-worn) rhetoric that eliminating signs that support our Black and Brown neighbors somehow “protects property values.” Our response? More action.

For every person who had a sign stolen, please contact us at contact@d5forblacklives.com. We would ask that you take 2 signs for every one stolen and ask one of your neighbors to put one up (or put two in your yard).  

For our neighbors in Bauerle Ranch Neighborhood, if you live in Bauerle Ranch please sign the petition against the sign ban here. Your voice counts, if all you can do is sign the petition, that is enough.   If you have questions about the various options to counteract the sign ban, please also reach out to us at contact@d5forblacklives.com. One of our members is an attorney with extensive experience with disputes involving homeowner’s associations. It likely won’t come to that, but if it does, he has volunteered his time. We can and will help.  

Events, Events, Events

Want to know more about some of the AISD Trustee Candidates, attend AISD for All’s Candidate Forum, tomorrow, October 1 at 7pm. The four candidates featured tomorrow are running for the District 8 At-Large seat and will appear on everyone’s ballot.

Mark your calendar, on October 21 at 4:30pm Council Member Anne Kitchen will host a D5 Community Conversation on Public Safety. More information to come.

Join us for the October 25 at 3pm for a World Without Policing workshop exploring the difference between police reform and police abolition. RSVP here.