First, make sure you VOTE!

Early Voting NOW through 10/30

As the election draws near, right-wing politicians are using“defund the police” as a way to frighten white suburban voters. When this happens, it is crucial that we correct deliberate misconceptions and don’t shy away from the debate. Otherwise, Republicans get to reframe the conversation about policing away from racial justice and towards white safety. As you talk to friends and neighbors about the election, we urge you to call out fear-mongering and racially coded language about law and order. Instead of centering white safety and comfort, we need to center Black lives and a vision of justice for all.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 21 at 5:30pm Council Member Ann Kitchen will host a district-wide community forum on Public Safety. RSVP here. We need to show up with a clear and unified message against police violence and racism. We will share talking points, information and resources to everyone registered for this event.  

Sunday, October 25 at 3pm we will host a World Without Policing workshop to explore the difference between police reform and police abolition. We are ecstatic to be partnering with Showing up for Racial Justice (SURJ), a national racial justice advocacy and education coalition.   RSVP here.

In solidarity,

the District 5 for Black Lives Organizing Team