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We should all be appalled by the failure of the justice system to hold the officers accountable for the death of Breonna Taylor. Appalled, but not surprised. The system is designed to allow police to make horrible mistakes (like picking the wrong house) and have no consequences for their actions. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

Currently, because of the knowing and intentional standard for criminal convictions and the civil doctrine of qualified immunity, police are not accountable as long as their actions can be characterized as poor judgment. Horrible “mistakes” continue to happen because the system is designed to encourage impunity.  

We can change it. We can create rules and procedures that take more judgment decisions away from the police. What was once poor judgment becomes a prosecutable violation of clear procedure.  

For instance, why not reform police procedures to prohibit night time raids; high speed chases; firing at moving vehicles; or firing at fleeing suspects; etc.?  

 District 5 for Black Lives is hosting a CANDIDATE FORUM on policing. We need your help to determine what we should ask them. Submit your questions here.

We need to know how political candidates running for office in our district will reform the current structure that encourages impunity and instead create policies that keep all communities safe and thriving. Submit your questions for our representatives here.  

We will combine the questions as part of our preparations, and elect officials committed to change!  

More information coming soon!