• We are residents of Austin Council District 5 who stand with the movement for Black Lives. 
  • We amplify calls for change from communities of color and Black and Brown-led social justice organizations in Austin.  
  • We created  “District 5 for Black Lives”  to help organize other constituents in our district to persuade our council member, currently, Ann Kitchen, to address systemic inequality throughout our City.

About District 5

Austin city council is made up of 10 individual districts and one mayor. Austin’s district 5 is formed by the middle part of South Austin mostly bounded within I-35 and Mopac. You can refer to the map below to see if you are in district 5. If you are not, but agree with our message, you should identify what district you are in, and contact your city council member as well as the Mayor, Steve Adler, to tell them that you care.